Alt OS Development FAQ
Information to help you create an operating system


This web site is a wiki about the creation of operating systems. These sections approach the topic in order:

The site began as a set of frequently asked questions (i.e. a FAQ) about OS development. The site still answers those questions but additional information has been added. See the sidebar Contents link for a full list of pages.

The original FAQ material came from the Usenet newsgroup alt.os.development. Both this site and the newsgroup are dedicated to the development of operating systems. The group's members share ideas and help each other to resolve technical and design-related problems. The master text of this FAQ is the one found at

How to Contribute to this FAQ

This is a wiki so changes can be made. Feel free to use alt.os.development (see below) in order to discuss the matter or to request a userid.

When considering an edit to an existing page or the creation of a new page please keep to the existing format and layout, avoid personal opinions, and keep to the topic of OS development. Links to other web sites (even controversial or opinionated ones) are welcome where relevant.

This site does not host a forum. Discussions can be held by pointing a Usenet client at newsgroup alt.os.development. Unless you already have a Usenet account you can use any of those that follow. All of these are free to use.

How to find an answer

Check this FAQ and the newsgroup archives at

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