Machine Characteristics - BIOS Timer
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This is one of a number of machine-characteristics.

BIOS Timer

BIOS provides a microsecond timer on interrupt 0x15-86. The table shows whether it is supported or not.

Machine int 0x15-86
Dell Latitude XP 475D laptop. 80486 75MHz. Phoenix BIOS 1.10 supported
AOpen motherboard. Pentium 3 600MHz. Award BIOS 3.60 supported
Viglen MPC-L. Geode 399MHz. ION A503 BIOS supported
Asus EEE 4G netbook. Celeron M ULV 630MHz. AMI ASUS 701 BIOS supported
Gateway laptop. Dual-core Core 2 T5300 1.7GHz. Phoenix BIOS supported
Jetway NC91. Dual-core Atom 1.6GHz. Phoenix-AwardBIOS supported
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