Conversion from Wikispaces

Here are some hints about converting from Wikispaces markup to Wikidot markup for this site, along with guidelines on conventions.

Creating a new page

  • If there is already a link to a page which does not exist yet the easiest option is to click on the link to that page. Alternatively, you can put the new page's chosen URL in the address bar (just the name without an extension; for example, if going to create a new page named newpage the URL would be Wikidot will then give you an opportunity to create the new page (for which you will need a userid - covered below).

Format of page names and titles

Pages have a name and a title. Please keep to the existing conventions when creating new pages, if only for consistency. The conventions are that

  • The page name (which appears in the URL) should be all in lower case, should not contain spaces (links for which have been found to be handled inconsistently by different browsers; use hyphens instead of spaces), and should be a terse name that represents the page's content, generally with the most important words first.
  • The page title should be a fuller English-language title-case version of the name as it will be displayed to users.

Here are some examples

Page name (as it appears at the end of the URL) Page title (as will be shown to users)
a20-problem The PC A20 Problem
conversion-from-wikispaces Conversion from Wikispaces
kbc-status-reg Keyboard Controller Status Register

Getting the Wikispaces markup

  • To get hold of the Wikispaces markup of the old page there are some options
    • Via the markup editor. In Wikispaces navigate to the old page and go into edit mode. If the page opens in the Visual editor change to the Wikitext editor by clicking on the arrow beside the Save button. That presents the Wikispaces markup form.
    • Via a WebDav client. If you know how to use WebDav set up your client to point to Once you log in go in to the pages folder and you will see the markup files.
    • Using WebDav via a browser. Click on and log in. Go in to the pages folder and you will see the markup files.

Conversion from Wikispaces markup

Then it is basically a matter of converting the Wikispaces markup to the Wikidot markup. The new markup is extensively documented in the link below but here are some conversions to get you started.

  • Table of contents: convert [[toc]] to [[f>toc]] (a floating right toc)
  • Headings: convert "== head ==" to "+++ head" where the number of plus signs is one more than the number of equals signs before and after the original. This avoids the H1 level which prints a wide line below the heading.
  • Remove any page header text from the top of the page itself. You will see that Wikidot has a separate box for page titles.
  • Links: convert [[link]] to [[[link]]] (i.e. use three brackets instead of two)
  • Includes: remove any include of page _include_ga1 (which is not relevant on the new site)
  • Span: convert <span …> to [[span …]] and similar for </span>

If you need to know more take a look the the official documentation

To see the relevant headings, if using some browsers you may need to click on the "Table of Contents" link in the upper right of the page.

Alternatively, you will be able to see other formatting (links, tables, alignement etc) in pages already migrated. Click on the Contents link in the sidebar.

Getting a userid

If you are happy with making changes such as those above you will need a userid. See

You need to have a account and be signed to apply for membership.

if you already have a account


it is worth it and is free

Further info:

Further advice

If something helpful is missing from the above advice or further hints is needed on editing the Wikidot aodfaq site please discuss on the Usenet newsgroup alt.os.development. Links to that newsgroup may be found on the home page

Other than that, thank you for helping with the conversion.

Happy editing!

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